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About Us

The mission of the National Organization for Adult Addictions and Recovery (NOAAR) is to treat, prevent and raise awareness of addictions in adults, in midlife and beyond. NOAAR provides clinical expertise, training and consultative services to individuals, family members, professionals and organizations. Our goals for NOAAR membership and the general population are achieved through personal consultations, conferences, educational modules and web-based technologies.

The Problem
In the area of health and wellness, one area that is vastly overlooked is adult addictions. It is estimated that the number of older adults with a substance abuse disorder will double by 2020. NOAAR raises awareness of adult addiction and focuses on ways to truly help this population. Adult addiction includes alcohol and drug addiction, abuse of prescription medication, eating disorders and gambling.

The Solution
Research shows that addiction treatment is different for adults over the age of 50 than for other demographic groups. NOAAR provides an effective, measurable approach to recovery where this population is comfortable, listened to, validated and cared for.