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Addictive patterns are isolating and destructive. In addition, a lack of professional insight and adult addicition communityspecialized  training surrounding the etiology of addictions in later life, can lead to well-intentioned but misguided interventions.  NOAAR understands the importance of community connections across the lifespan, and strongly believes these connections are an essential ingredient of a successful recovery. That’s why we provide a platform to link individuals, family members and practitioners for support, exchange and solutions. NOAAR is a full-service resource in the Adult Addictions and Recovery Community consisting of nationwide training and education, membership and consulting.  We provide:

Training & Education:
Memberships for: Consulting:
* Conferences & Workshops *Practitioners
*Private & Non-Profit Project Development
* On-Line Modules * Program Developers
* Policy Developers
*State Projects & County
Project Development
* Certifications * Individuals and
* Family Members
*Federal & Public-Private Partnership Projects