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Welcome to the National Organization of Adult Addictions and Recovery (NOAAR) Blog!

The National Organization of Addictions and Recovery (NOAAR), is a personal and a professional membership group. Our objective is to become the most prominent Voice and Resource for Adult Addictions and Recovery Modalities. NOAAR serves and provides resources to individuals, family members and professionals who work in all sectors of the Addiction & Recovery Field, including rehabs, hospitals and health systems, physician groups, consulting firms, advertising and public relations agencies, and service providers. NOAAR is committed to helping meet the future with greater knowledge and opportunity and to improve the treatment and quality of life for Adults addressing Addictions in their communities.

Overview and Background:

“Patterns of addictions do not occur in isolation. Self-defeating behavior, driven by obsession, cravings and compulsive rituals can be very destructive to the health and wellness of the individual, as well as create a major disruption to the predictable rhythm cycles of a family system.” (NOAAR, 2014)

The National Organization of Adult Addictions and Recovery (NOAAR) was established in 2014 with the goal of creating a National Association of professionals, individuals, and families for the purpose of networking, and developing Clinical Practice training in the treatment of adult addictions for the over age 50 population.

In the formation of NOAAR, three things were clear:

  1. Need was present (It is estimated that the number of older adults with a substance abuse disorder will double by 2020).
  2. Adults presenting addictive behaviors often do not receive adequate (developmentally appropriate) treatment and
  3. Members of this older adult population respond to treatment differently & uniquely. (In fact, overall, this is an underserved and misunderstood population). In addition, addiction in later life contributes significantly to hospital readmission rates, employment concerns, family issues, and the health of the overall community – directly and indirectly.

Proprietary Differentiators: NOAAR

Within the Helping Professions, there are a variety of perspectives, orientations and paradigms. NOAAR aligns itself with a specialized intervention for adults, i.e., Dimensional Solution-Based Treatment (DSBT).

Dimensional Solution-Based Treatment (DSBT) is a short-term treatment intervention based on “Here & Now” paradigms, coupled with practice applications that can be employed when working with adults addressing addiction and recovery concerns.

DSBT is:

  • An Intervention paradigm that focuses on the value of each stage of adult development
    Grounded in empirically tested theoretical practice models
  • An ‘Action-Oriented’ framework
  • A Short-term intervention that addresses the intersection of stages and dimensions, i.e., “developmental-dimensions”
  • A Practice Intervention grounded in the Theory of Dimensionality

As noted, Addictions in later life present individuals, family members, practitioners, policymakers, and program developers with new challenges and opportunities for specialized treatment options. However, there is a lack of Behavioral Health Professionals who specialize in the unique Addiction & Recovery needs of the Adults over the age of 50. The National Organization for Adult Addictions and Recovery (NOAAR) mission is to raise awareness, treat and prevent addictions in adults over age 50. We provide networking resources, clinical expertise, training and consultative services to: individuals, family members, professionals and organizations. Goals for membership and the general population are achieved through: personal consultations, conferences, educational modules and web-based technologies.

In summary, we welcome you to the National Organization of Adult Addiction (NOAAR) Blog.

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