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Professional Member

Benefits of NOAAR Membership

Professional Member
As a Professional Member of NOAAR you will have access to information and resources that will increase your knowledge-base and enhance your Practice Visibility. It is truly: “All about Connections”. As a Professional Member of NOAAR you will be exposed to a Network of Practitioners, from a variety of disciplines, providing services to Adults (over the age of 50) and their family members. In addition, as a Professional Member of NOAAR, you will be connected to: Researchers, Program Developers and Policy Makers, regionally and nationally, who are on the cutting-edge in the Field of Aging & Addictions. You will also be entitled to discounts for National and Regional Conferences, Training Webinars, Certifications and Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).

As a Professional, learning is lifelong – membership and affiliation with NOAAR provides the platform to enhance your knowledge-base and Practice Skills.