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With the continuous increase in longevity today, the specialized needs of older adults are evolving before our eyes. As well as living longer, individuals are presenting issues associated with addiction and recovery later in life, posing new challenges for practitioners, policymakers and program developers, as well as opportunities for specialized treatment options.

Professionalism requires constant self-education

A true professional makes sure that he/she stays current and relevant. To assist with this, NOAAR provides:

  • Practitioners interested in delivering clinical and practice expertise when working within the field of Adult Addictions and Recovery
  • Program managers and policymakers working in the addiction field who want to learn how to establish and fund “Dimensional-Recovery Milieus”
  • State-of-the-art accessible training via mobile technologies, social media, webinars and podcasts
  • Specialized training opportunities with options for continuing education credits (CEUs) for professionals in the field

For more information about NOAAR’s professional training opportunities, contact us.