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addiction recovery noaarThe National Organization for Adult Addictions & Recovery (NOAAR) promotes and supports recovery across the lifespan. We are a nationwide professional organization for individuals, family members, practitioners, program developers and policymakers who address the issue of addictions in adulthood. We are also a premier resource for excellence in training, education and consultation in the area of Aging and Addictions. Guided by our philosophy of “It is never too late to be overwhelmed by an addiction, nor is it ever too late to recover from an addiction,” we invite you to learn more about adult addictions and recovery.

For individuals struggling with addictions:

If you are struggling with one or more addictions, we want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt: “There is hope and you are not traveling this path alone.” Regardless of how your life is today, we can give you one guarantee: everything passes. We promise! The strength and resiliency that you possess—found in your experiences of life—will provide the foundation that you can build upon, and we can help. With a reality-oriented and solution-based approach, we will travel the Path of Recovery with you. You are not alone—nor will you be alone. You have us. And whether or not you know it today, you have hope.

For family members of individuals struggling with addictions:

“Addictions impact the family”—as you well know. Addictive patterns hijack the natural rhythm and flow of a family system and can hold family members hostage. Yet we want you to know that addictions do not occur in isolation and recovery does not occur in isolation. Individuals in recovery can regain control of their disruptive and impulsive behaviors and create new and productive behavior patterns, and so can family members. At NOAAR, the underlying principle of our Philosophy of Care and Treatment is: “Everyone is entitled to a recovery—including families.”

For practitioners:

Addiction is a process that often includes relapse and recovery. Since addictive patterns in adults are unique and distinct, treatment interventions and practice also need to be unique and distinct, governed by analytical skills and a conceptual framework. Our reality-oriented and solution-based orientation, combined with a lifespan systems perspective, emphasizes the development of an understanding of the history of the individual, the presentation of the patterns of behavior and the treatment approaches associated with addressing “developmental addictions.” At NOAAR, our general focus is the teaching of basic and advanced concepts associated with the theory and application of addictive behavior. It is our intent, within this framework, to link this training with actual settings. Review of the history and systems associated with clinical, program and policy issues will be required. Our training is available both in online technological formats (webinars, video conferencing, etc.) and platform training (specific seminar sites and locations nationwide).


As a NOAAR-trained Practitioner, you will:

  1. Develop a working knowledge of the Addiction and Aging networks.
  2. Develop an understanding and appreciation of a Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual approach from a family systems perspective.
  3. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of various theoretical perspectives.
  4. Understand the various roles of policymakers, advocates and consumers in addiction services.
  5. Understand and utilize approaches associated with accessing the addiction program network.
  6. Understand the formation, implementation and evaluation of the policy process and the resulting services.
  7. Understand the vital advocacy and planning role of clinicians in policy formation.