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Working with Adult Addiction and Recovery

A Dimensional Solution-Based Treatment Approach (DSBT)

Demographics are changing rapidly across our nation. With the increase in longevity, individuals are presenting issues associated with addiction and recovery later in life. This older-adult addictions present new challenges to practitioners, policymakers and program developers, as well as opportunities for specialized treatment options. One treatment intervention which encompasses all of the dynamic issues within each stage of adulthood and which we follow at NOAAR is Dimensional Solution-Based Treatment (DSBT).

What is Dimensional Solution-Based Treatment (DSBT)?

Dimensional Solution-Based Treatment (DSBT) is a short-term treatment intervention based upon the theory of dimensionality and influenced by task-centered social work, solution-focused and mindfulness “here & now” paradigms, coupled with the Cognitive-Behavioral (C-B) and the Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) schools of thought. DSBT is grounded in a theoretical perspective, coupled with practice applications that can be employed in working with adults addressing addictions and recovery concerns.

DSBT is:

    • An intervention paradigm that focuses on the value of each stage of adult development
    • Grounded in empirically tested theoretical practice models
    • Short-term intervention that addresses the intersection of stages and dimensions in adulthood

Who will benefit from understanding DSBT:

      • Practitioners interested in delivering clinical and practice expertise when working within the field of Adult Addictions and Recovery
      • Program managers and policymakers working in the addiction field who are interested in learning more about how to establish and fund “Dimensional-Recovery Milieus”
      • Individuals and family members who are interested in learning more about state-of-the-art treatment approaches for adults addressing addictions, and the process of recovery

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