Independence of Recovery

Independence of Recovery

Season 2, Episode 12

Host(s): Dr. Larry Force, Andrew O’Grady, Elisa Gwilliam

Guest(s): Doug Hovey: President and CEO of Independent Living based in Newburgh, New York

The INTERSECTIONS Exchange team is joined by Doug Hovey, CEO of Independent Living in Newburgh, New York to discuss the importance of peer support and the need to merge addiction and mental health infrastructures. Around 25:00, Dr. Force, O’Grady, and Hovey discuss the exciting potential for new technology to revolutionize mental healthcare and increase access to people in need.

Topics Discussed

  • History of Independent Living 
  • Doug Hovey’s journey to the recovery field
  • ‘Peer rapid deployment’ to respond to hospital and crisis calls
  • Silos in mental health and addiction resources
  • Digital mental health platforms
  • Deinstitutionalization of mental health


Key Quote(s)

  • “It’s important to have [a provider] connected to you, but unless you can actually give it the time that it takes to make progress and address social determinants as well as addiction…it’s a struggle.” – Andrew O’Grady
  • “When you call [Independent Living], we don’t stop you at the front door and ask for your insurance. We don’t ask you a thousand questions. We ask: how can we help you?” – Doug Hovey
  • “This idea of arming your case workers with technological support in order to encompass more people at any time is incredible—because that’s the beauty of it, it can be accessed at any time.” – Dr. Larry Force
  • “We need to build the services that we would want to access ourselves.” – Dr. Larry Force


INTERSECTIONS is an innovative, peer delivered, modular self-care program developed by the National Organization of Adult Addictions and Recovery (NOAAR) and Mental Health America of Dutchess County.

Addiction, chronic illness, and mental health are dimensions in our lives that isolate us. They isolate us from ourselves, from others, and from our spirit. INTERSECTIONS helps us connect and reconnect to reach our full potential.

INTERSECTIONS promotes the reduction of reoccurrence, improved maintenance of recovery plans, and success within family systems and the community.

Modules include:

  • Orientation
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Visions and Goals
  • Spirituality

INTERSECTIONS is based on a theoretical orientation called The Theory of Dimensionality and is rooted in a Practice-Based Intervention, Dimensional Solution Based Treatment (DSBT).

“We cannot fix you because you are not broken … everybody has stuff. We are all in Recovery from something.”

About MHA Dutchess County

Mental Health America of Dutchess County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure nobody gets left behind in our community due to lack of mental health services. Our staff and volunteers work day and night to:

  • Strengthen families
  • Overcome fear
  • Help people dealing with anxiety
  • Link individuals to the supports they need
  • Provide safe spaces to heal
  • Break down stigma
  • …and much, much more.